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This page has been set up to show new beginners or people
that are looking for a Great Dane puppy, how the colors
and patterns look.

These examples are the accepted showable colors
that AKC (American Kennel Club) recognises as
proper showable and breedable colors.
This area of this site is not to promote or to correct
any practices of breeding the various colors.

These example's of AKC accepted colors are for
you to view to educate you to  the proper colors and patterns.
Any other colors that you may see that are advertized in
the paper or magazine's stating that any colors are "rare" this or that,
is not a proper statement for that color or pattern combination.
These off colors or patterns crop up in litters once and a while.
We do not consider them rare and they DO NOT constitute
bringing higher prices on sales as a rare Great Dane color.
These off colors and patterns make fabulous companion pets
but are not considered to be rare or of more value by
reputable and eithcal Great Dane Breeders.
Our goal as reputable breeders is to obtain the colors and
patterns you will see in the examples put here for your viewing.
Don't fall prey to this advertizement enticing you to buy.

These pictures are not to promote any certain breeder,
or for reproduction on the internet or any other fashion.
We are just proud to bring you, the many different
varities of our breed that Great Danes come in and that
are accepted by American Kennel Club.

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