Here is the American Kennel Clubs standard on the Fawn Great Dane:

Fawn--The color shall be yellow gold with a black mask. Black should appear
on the eye rims and eyebrows, and may appear on the ears and tail tip. The deep yellow
gold must always be given the preference. White markings at the chest and toes, black-fronted
dirty colored fawns are not desirable.

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Carol Stegavig fawn puppy.jpg (18422 bytes)Carol Stegavig fawn bitch.jpg (21868 bytes)
This is the same bitch on the left as a puppy and right an adult


These puppies below are under 9 months of age being shown at a dog show

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Conner K Martin fawn natural.jpg (32368 bytes)
Un-Cropped fawn male


These 2 pictures below are of the same dog.  At the left is a 4 month old puppy and to the
right is the same dog at 18 months old.

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