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Here are examples of leads
These are so awesome.  They are strong can be made to
any length.  Ready made are 4 ft., 6 ft., 8 ft. and 10 ft.
They can be made with hooks for an extra cost of $1.50.

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Here are some examples of colors.

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Heavy Weight

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Light Weight

$8.00     -    4 foot

$12.00     -    6 foot

$18.00    -   10 foot

Add $1.50 for a hook to attach to a collar.
Specify light weight or heavy weight and color.

We have other colors not shown.
There is white with flecks of color, gray
red with flecks of color.

heavy weight colors come in:
yellow fleck - color# HWYF01
white fleck  -  color# HWWF02
purple fleck  -   color# HWPF03
navy and gray  -   color# HWNG04
blue/gray/black  -   color# HWBGB05
red fleck  -   color# HWRF06
plain white  -   color# HWPW07

lightweight comes in:
royal blue  -   color# LTRB08
gray -  color# LTPG09
plain white  -  color# LTPW10

Money orders will process your order within the week of receiving.
Personal checks will take 2 weeks for processing
Make checks or money orders payable to:
Michelle L. Bjorkman
Add $1.50 postage per noose/lead onto order total

Send to:
Kritter Leads
13219 W. Town Line Rd.
Waukegan, IL.   60087

For any questions you have, please feel free to email us at::

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