Salvation Prayer: 
Dear Lord Jesus,
Lord.....I am coming to you right now, to ask you to forgive me
of all my sins.  I have sinned against you through my life
and I ask you to come into my life and heart and change me
through the power of the Holy Spirit.
I believe that Jesus died for my sins on the cross, and
suffered and died and shed His blood for me.
From this day forward, I want to live for you and want
you to take control of my life and make me a new
creature in you, Lord.

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Salvation Through Faith

  Religion by Self-Effort Salvation by Faith


Please God by our own good deeds Trust in Christ and then live to please God.
Means Practice, diligent service, discipline, and obedience, in hope of reward Confess, submit, and commit yourself to Christ's control
Power Good, honest effort through self-determination The Holy spirit in us helps us do good work for Christ's kingdom
Control Self-motivation; self-control Christ in me; I in Christ
Results Chronic guilt, apathy, depression, failure, constant desire for approval Joy, thankfulness, love, guidance, service, forgiveness

Salvation by faith in Christ sounds too easy for many people. 
They would rather think that they have
done something to save themselves.  Their religion becomes one
of self-effort that leads either to
disappointment or pride, but finally to eternal death. 
Christ's simple way is the only way, and it alone leads to eternal life.
The life of a Believer in Jesus Christ as Savior, is one of relationship, not
of "religious" rules and law.
When we are saved, the law is "written" on our hearts and we
are wanting to do the will
of God in our lives because of the love for His son,
Jesus, our personal Savior.

What Has God Done About Sin?

He has given us....... Principle  



New Life  Romans 6:2,3
                 Romans 6:4
                 Romans 6:6
Sin's power is broken
Sin-loving nature is buried.
You are no longer under sin's control.
we can be certain that sin's power is broken
New Nature  Romans 6:5
                      Romans 6:11
Now you share his new life.
Look upon your old self as dead;
instead be alive to God.
We can see ourselves as unresponsive to the old power and alive to the new.
New freedom  Romans 6:12
                        Romans 6:13
                        Romans 6:14
                        Romans 6:16
Do not let sin control you.
Give yourselves completely to God
You are free
You can choose your own master..
We can commit ourselves to obey Christ in perfect freedom.


Our Lives Before and After Christ





Dead in transgression Made alive with Christ
Objects of wrath Shown God's mercy and given salvation
Followed the ways of the world Stand for Christ and truth
God's enemies God's children
Enslaved to Satan Free in Christ to love, serve, and sit with Him
Followed our evil thoughts and desires Raised up with Christ to glory


Salvation's Freeway

Romans 3:23 Everyone has sinned.
Romans 6:23 The penalty for our sin is death.
Romans 5:8 Jesus Christ died for sin.
Romans 10:8-10 To be forgiven for our sin, we must believe and confess that Jesus is Lord, Salvation comes through Jesus Christ.


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you have a new Identity.  Please Visit the link and see and
read about who you are NOW

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