We set this page up for you all that struggle with your litters
when they have their new stitches in puppies ears from cropping.
We use this method for 2 or 3 days until the puppies
start feeling a little better...we put triple antibiotic cream on the edges
before putting the socks on their little cone heads..
We change the socks a couple times a day, sometimes 3. 
I wash the sock or
sometimes just buy numerous packages of white tube socks
and then throw them away.

Our precious boxer bitch, Glory, graciously offered her services
at 1 and a half years of age and momentarily reverted back to
cups for the making of the pictures
for this page....Thank you Glory...

Hope these pictures and instructions help with your next litter.

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Step #1
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First of all, take your sock
lay it nice and flat on a hard surface.
and square off the seam at the toe.

Step #2
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Cut up the left side towards
the toe of the sock
to just a little
bigger than the cup height on
the puppy's head.

Step #3
Sock Example 3a sm.jpg (13493 bytes)

Now cut up the other side
of the sock to the same place.

Step #4
Sock Example 4a sm.jpg (15098 bytes)

Cut across from each point.

Step #5
Sock Example 5a sm.jpg (13438 bytes)

Remove the center
piece and throw it away.

Step #6
Sock bonnet Glory 6 pic.jpg (17631 bytes)

Place it over the top of the cup on
the puppy's head leaving the "ties" hanging.

Step #7
Sock bonnet Glory 8 pic.jpg (15634 bytes)

Double tie the tie "pieces" under
the throat, making sure not
to tie too tight.

Step #8
Sock bonnet Glory 9 pic.jpg (17700 bytes)

Cut off the ties, leaving them about
and inch to an inch and a half

Step #9
Take puppy's face in hand, give a big smooch and hug and administer
love with a cookie treat and off they go...
(they may shake their heads and/or scratch, but you will find
they are less likely to react harshly towards each other
because they sort of feel secure and protected).

I have used this method for years and found it to be
of great help.
Be VERY VERY careful not to leave a sock on for
more than one day without changing them.
You don't want the puppy to get an infection.
Stop using the sock bonnets after the 2nd or 3rd
day, because you want the air to get to the stitched
area's to dry up and heal.  By then, the puppies are
used to their new look.



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